Ardbeg Very Young

Ardbeg Very Young

58.3% vol., 700 mL

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The Ardbeg Very Young is an intense and powerful expression of the characteristic Ardbeg style. This young single malt Scotch whisky already shows in its youth the typical aromas and characteristics for which Ardbeg is known.


Single malt Scotch whisky


The Ardbeg Very Young is made from carefully selected barley malt and undergoes a traditional distillation process. It matures for a short time of less than 5 years in selected oak barrels to develop its intense character.



Alcohol content:


Tasting notes:

The Ardbeg Very Young presents a strong smokiness with notes of peat, sea breeze, and a light sweetness. It offers an intense and lively taste experience.

Sorte Single Malt Scotch
Herkunft Islay, Schottland
Menge 700 mL
Alkoholgehalt 58.3% vol.
Fasstyp Bourbonfass, Sherryfass, Weinfass

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